PMP Certification In Tampa

Since project management certification has been realized as an important part of project management profession, companies have been looking specifically for individuals who have received the PMP certification from PMI in the market. This has led to the increasing value of PMP certification and an ever-increasing number of individuals from all around the world who are sitting in the PMP exam every year. Candidates who are looking to get PMP certification in Tampa have many universities, colleges and independent institutes, many of which are registered education providers, from where they can obtain the necessary education to pass the exam. Here are some of the best options.

University of South Florida

4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa

Undoubtedly, individuals who have busy schedules at offices and can’t take long courses would find University of South Florida as the best option for PMP training in Tampa. The university has arranged a set of courses that can help these individuals in not only passing the PMP exam but also gain detailed knowledge of project management so they can outperform their competitors and contenders in the offices. USF is currently preparing students for project management professional exam and some other certificates that are awarded by PMI to individuals from around the world.

University of South Florida is a great place for teenage students to people who want to get education in later years of their lives. People of ages above 50-year can also join the university and take part in any of the programs offered by the university. For project management training in Tampa, USF has multiple programs listed under its continuing education section on the website. The program is once again based on the PMBOK Guide that is always considered the best source for students to prepare for the PMP exam all around the world.

It is a certificate program but the students must not forget that the certification can only be provided by the Project Management Institute once they have passed the PMP exam within the 3 allotted attempts in a year. Students who don’t have the complete education hours to meet the prerequisite of PMI will receive those hours included in their credentials as well. Students who are aiming at project management certification in Tampa and want to do it fast should definitely join the program from University of South Florida. Students interested in joining the university must not forget that they have the option to study online as well.


601 South Dale MabryTampa, FL, USA, 33609


ProXalt is an institute providing education specifically on project management in various cities of the US. The institute is known for providing the quickest training of all when it comes to project management and maintaining a high passing rate. Students can join the exam preparation program from the institute and prepare to sit in the examination within a week. The best thing about attending project management classes in Tampa from ProXalt is that students can do everything online so they don’t have to feel bound to certain class schedule and compromise on their busy office hours.

There are several courses being offered by the institute but they are all majorly aimed at equipping students with a crash course that lets them pass the examination without long spans of education as is the case with degrees obtained from universities by project management aspirants. They have a 35-hour program that has been designed specifically for individuals who are already project managers but want to obtain the certification to have some increment in their salaries. Thousands of students who already chosen ProXalt for PMP certification in Tampa and the passing rate of 90% is a living proof of the success of this institute.

There are different courses that the institute is currently offering but no course in the list takes more than a week to prepare candidates for the PMP exam. ProXalt is the registered education provider and thus the education hours that students spend here are applicable towards their prerequisites for the exam as well and they can also use these hours for their PDUs once they have obtained the certification from PMI after passing the exam. If you are a project management professional and need to get PMP training in Tampa, ProXalt is one of the best destinations.

The Knowledge Academy

No matter in which state you are located, if you want to be a part of a course on project management, you can search for The Knowledge Academy and you will find it nearby. For project management training in Tampa that you can trust and also refer your aspirant friends to is from The Knowledge Academy. This academy is already providing the courses in hundreds of places in the US and also guarantees its students that they will pass the exam. You will rarely find any other place that gives a 100% guaranty for passing rate of its students.

The training is available not only in Tampa but in various other parts of the world from The Knowledge Academy. You will find hundreds and thousands of others registered education providers of PMI but if you are looking for the number one place for getting project management training, this is the place for you. The Knowledge Academy is the best place for project management certification in Tampa for corporations who have groups of people who need training and want to obtain the training on-site. There are a dozen other certifications that this academy is currently providing worldwide training on.

The best thing about project management classes in Tampa obtained from The Knowledge Academy is that they contribute to the contact hours and PDUs of the candidates who can then present these hours to the PMI as a prerequisite to sit in the exam or as PDUs to renew the certification. There are simulation exams that train all the candidates in a challenging environment that looks just like the real test from PMI. Within less than a week of project management classes in Tamps from The Knowledge Academy, you can pass the PMP exam and have that additional chunk added to your annual salary as a project manager.