PMP Certification In San Antonio

Have you been working as a project manager for quite some time and think that there are individuals who are doing the same work as you but earning more. If yes, you might want to have a look at their credentials and find out if they have the PMP certification that gives them that edge on you. Furthermore, if you wish to achieve the same position as them and earn more, it is very easy. All you have to do is look for PMP certification in San Antonio from a reliable school, institute or university and then give the PMP exam.

Texas A&M University

1 University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224

For PMP training in San Antonio that you can trust, A&M University has to be the first place you might want to check. This university provides just the right courses to pass the PMP examination without spending too much in studies which is something you don’t need as a professional with experience in project management. The university is not an old one but it has risen on top in no time due to the level of its education. Of course, you couldn’t trust a university that has no accreditation so you will be glad to know that it is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The university is currently providing undergraduate and graduate programs to the students and aims higher in future to provide even more programs. Only in the undergraduate programs the university is already covering over 21 fields. For the quickest project management training in San Antonio you can easily choose A&M University because within 36 hours you are given the knowledge that is enough to pass the examination for PMP. When students have completed the course they have also completed the education contact hours that are required to qualify as a candidate for PMP exam.

Another great advantage that this university is giving to its students is that it is teaching them from the best resources that are available globally for the preparation of PMP exam. The primary book being used for preparation is Rita Mulcahy’s most renowned book for project managers and the other book used is the registered PMBOK Guide from PMI. When you are attending the project management classes in San Antonio as an A&M University student you are having the advantage of sitting to re-acquire the course without any charges in the event that you fail the exam in your first attempt.

Certified Staffing Solutions

85 NE Loop 410 130, San Antonio, TX 78216

Certified Staffing Solutions is currently providing project management training in San Antonio specifically and individuals who are living in San Antonio can rely on this institute for a flawless preparation for their PMP exams. The type of teaching conducted by this institute sets it apart from all other institutes that are currently providing online project management training in the city or other places in the US. It does not believe in just handing over some material to the candidates and leaving them on their own but it provides them with instructors who guide them on everything.

As mentioned above, Certified Staffing Solutions is specifically meant for project management certification in San Antonio. The classes provided to the candidates are online and instructors give them live lectures and tasks so they can feel challenged at all times. So, even when students choose to take the online classes, they have to be available at fixed times to take the live instructions and lectures from the instructors. Another way of learning is more of a corporate approach where a minimum of 5 individuals or more can call the instructors to their company for on-site training on project management.

All that you need as a student who wants to take these classes is a computer and an internet connection and that’s it. You are informed about all events, schedules and activities through emails and you will interact with your instructor in real-time through your speaker and microphone on the computer. Take these quick project management classes in San Antonio and prepare for project management professional examination from PMI. You will be prepared to pass the exam and set foot on a more successful career with a learning of just 5 days. The course is not the cheapest but it is also not a conventional teaching program or a temporary access of course material for interested candidates.

ProXalt – Management Training Institute

Another perfect place for project management certification in San Antonio is ProXalt which is also the registered education provider. The institute is also providing trainings on various other courses related to project management but its PMP training is quick enough for any individual with even the busiest schedules to manage the classes well. The institute gives its students the option to take the classes on regular and weekends, and for those who want even more flexibility they can go with the combination of both the types of classes.

In addition to the course that helps the candidates in preparing for the exam, the institute also helps them in processing and completing their application to apply for the exam. However, one thing puts this institute on the back foot is that it is still continuing to educate its students with the 4th edition of PMBOK while a large number of schools, universities and other institutes have already included the 5th, the latest edition into their courses. The institute is currently providing classroom training so students interested in PMP certification in San Antonio should get enrolled as soon as possible.

Within 4 days the students are equipped with all the knowledge of project management and by the 5th day they are ready to sit in the exam and pass it. It requires students to study an intensive course for 35 hours in total and automatically this fulfills the prerequisite of 35 contact hours of education from PMI. There are already close to 600 sample question in the database to help students practice the questions that might be appearing in their PMP exam as well. If you wish to obtain PMP training in San Antonio without spending weeks and months, let ProXalt be your next stop.


PMP Certification In NYC

If you are one of the students looking for PMP certification in NYC you will not be disappointed since New York City has many such colleges, universities and institutes that are providing high quality education on project management. Once the program has been completed the candidates are able to give the PMP exam that is held by the PMI and results in the certification of candidates for working as certified and professional project manager throughout the world. Project managers are one of the most highly paid individuals today in the recent tough market conditions. Here are some institutes for the students of NYC for getting project management training.

NYU – School of Continuing and Professional Studies

7 East 12th Street, Suite 921, NY, NY 10003

NYU-SCPS is an ideal place for PMP training in NYC for students who want to get thorough knowledge of project management skills and required tools and also want to succeed in the PMP exam. The program has been designed by the institute to let the newbies of project management start on the right foot. Individuals who have no knowledge of project management or those who have a little knowledge but are expecting more challenges in the coming future should definitely join the program offered by NYU-SCPS to make an impressive entry into their professional career.

Why project management training in NYC is highly recommended from NYU-SCPS is due to the experience this institute has gained over the years. The institute has been around and equipping students with the highest standards of skills and education for approximately 80 years now. Not only project management but the institute is providing education in other fields in its classrooms and also allowing students to take courses through its online facility. Nursing, banking, creative writing and political management programs are all provided through its online campus to students.

Whether you are a person related to IT industry or other business related industry, if you have been looking for project management certification in NYC, NYU-SCPS is the best place for you. This institute is not an ordinary institute but a registered education provider of PMI. The institute takes candidates from the basic understanding of project management to more advancement education. The hours of studies at NYU-SCPS are applicable towards the education hours required by PMI to allow students to go for the PMP exam and the advanced courses can also be studied by students to earn their PDUs after they have passed the exam.

Technical Institute Of America

545 8th Ave #610, New York, NY 10018

For a guaranteed project management certification in NYC, Technical Institute of America has been serving students with the best course. It is probably the most confident of all the institutes when it comes to passing the PMP exam. The course offered by the Technical Institute of America is fully focused on training the candidates and preparing them for project management professional exam held by PMI. There are various other courses that TIA helps students in preparing including the CISCO, CompTIA, Adobe etc. The institute is licensed by New York State Education Department and thus is a reliable place to take a start from.

Technical Institute of America is also different in providing project management classes in NYC in that its classes are for very short duration but are purely focused on the training that is fully related to the PMP exam. The individuals who have already fulfilled all the remaining requirements to be a part of this examination from PMI are the best candidates to join the program from Technical Institute of America. By completing the course at Technical Institute of America the students also fulfill the prerequisite of 35-hour of education for sitting in the PMP exam.

One good reason for students who are looking for PMP certification in NYC from a licensed institute to get their education from Technical Institute of America is the passing rate of candidates who have taken the course from this institute. A passing rate of 97% combined with affordable rates and the flexibility of studying the material of the course in the classrooms or through online facility make Technical Institute of America one of the best places for any aspiring project managers to prepare for their PMP exam. They are willing to return your money if you don’t pass the PMP exam in 2 attempts.

Project Management Academy

Project Management Academy has its locations throughout the country and has served thousands of students in passing the PMP examination with its quick but extensive learning of project management. This institute is definitely a must-visit place for candidates who are pursuing PMP training in NYC at affordable costs and with a guaranteed result. The program at Project Management Academy is for candidates to prepare for the PMP exam so students will then obtain the credential to be called the certified project management professional, the fees paid to the institute are only for the course.

After the course has been completed the institute provides candidates with the certificate that they can present to the PMI as a proof of their contact hours. Students must keep in mind that one of the major requirements of qualifying to sit in the PMP examination is to have 35 hours of project management related education and so the Project Management Academy fulfills that requirement with the course it is currently providing. Students who want project management training in NYC should also know that Project Management Academy is a registered education provider, approved by Project Management Institute itself.

Candidates, who are currently working at project managers or have recently started to work on projects and want to gain maximum knowledge of project management, should definitely go for the course at Project Management Academy. For anyone looking to get the project management classes in NYC, the 4-day course at the institute should be enough to pass the examination and add 10% extra into the salary. The main source used for preparing the candidates for the PMP examination is PMBOK guide’s 5th edition. The best part of this course is the mock exam taken just like the real PMP exam with 200 questions.

PMP Certification In Houston

Project management is a serious profession today and this is the reason why we have a certification for project management now. This certification now helps individuals from project management field in getting identified as professionals who are mainly focusing on project management as their livelihood and passion too. Individuals with certification in project management are paid higher salaries and have a better demand in the market today. So the individuals who are interested in PMP certification in Houston can look at the list of following schools that could help them in preparing for PMP exams as well as earn some required education hours.

University Of Houston

1 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

University of Houston provides PMP training in Houston through its School of Continuing & Professional Studies. Studying and acquiring the education given at the schools will not only earn the education points for candidates to fulfill the pre-requisites to be a part of the PMP exam but will also provide them with PDUs that are required after giving the exam. The university does not hold any exams since the exams for PMP are held by PMI (Project Management Institute) to award a certificate for individuals to be recognized as certified project managers throughout the world.

They have their own course and books that students need to complete the studies however the PMBOK is also included in the course. To receive the PMP credential all the students have to be part of the program run by PMI to award the certification. University of Houston is currently providing the education to professional project managers in three formats: certificate program, exam preparation and PDUs. These programs are further divided into subcategories and every different category award students with different numbers of hours of education as PDUs and education hours as pre-requisite to take the exam of PMI for PMP.

The examination preparation from University of Houston is mainly targeted for students who are already in the project management field and want to take exams right away. These candidates can apply for PMP exam through PMI after completing the course and attend the examination right away to obtain the credentials for certified project management. Without a doubt the University of Houston is currently providing a thorough and helpful project management training in Houston. Students can earn PDUs by attending either the Advanced Risk Management course or the Change Management course or both. This will help students in the renewal process of their certificate.

San Jacinto College

San Jacinto College is another trustworthy place for project management certification in Houston. San Jacinto College is one of the best places for the students of Houston because they have the choice to be at one of the multiple campuses of the college. The best thing about this particular college is the online campus that makes it possible for students who are interested in project management training and classes from all over the world to follow their dreams. The college is no new entry and instead has been a place of study for students of Texas for over 50 years now.

Students can pursue education in all the forms at San Jacinto College i.e. certificates and degrees. San Jacinto is also different because it lets the students complete their project management course the way they want to. San Jacinto is providing project management classes in Houston not only through its on-ground classes but through online campus as well as through hybrid classes. Students can study from the comfort of their home or in classes or make a combination of both. Financial aid and scholarships are also available for students who qualify and apply for them.

People who are currently in the project management field are most welcome to join the classes, especially those who have less than 2 years of experience. The program at San Jacinto College equips students with the knowledge they can use to give the exams of PMP and apply these hours they have spent studying towards the pre-requisite education hours to attend the exam. If a student has already given the exams and is a certified project manager, these hours can be applied towards the PDUs as well. The total number of hours spent by the student in completing the hybrid course is 30 hours. For online course it is only 10 hours.


University of Texas (Professional Development Center)

S Texas Ave & Houston Ave Bryan, TX 77803

University of Texas Professional Development Center is another great destination for PMP certification in Houston. The institute is not the oldest in the area and has been working only since 1999 but it has earned a great respect in the quality of education it provides to all of its students. Another great thing about this institute is the online classes that have been assisting students in obtaining certificates in various fields. Students who haven’t yet stepped into the project management field and never worked project managers can be a part of the online program helping students with project management fundamentals.

This university is providing the dedicated PMP training in Houston as well. Students have been given a lot of flexibility to be a part of this program and 3 times every year the windows are opened for students to take part in this particular course. The timings for students to enroll for the program are in the summer, spring and fall time. Another thing that sets University of Texas Professional Development Center apart from other institutes is that it is a REP (Registered Education Provider).

Whatever number of hours that students spend while attending project management classes in Houston through this institute will be useful for them in the form of most required 35 hours as a prerequisite for sitting in the PMP examination. The total length of the program is 48 hours so the students will earn the 48 PDUs after the completion of the course as well when they have already passed the PMP exam. However, this must be remembered that this program does not award the candidates with the professional project management credentials. The credential can only be provided by PMI after the student has passed the PMP exam by paying the exam and registration fees.


PMP Certification In Denver

All project managers and those who are interested in the profession of project management know the value of this particular field and want to make sure that they stand out in the crowd even when they are considered among other project managers. This has now been made possible with the project management certification awarded by PMI, but there are thousands of institutes all around the world who help these candidates and interested individuals in achieving this goal. If you live in Denver and are currently looking for PMP certification in Denver, here are some options you might want to consider.

Colorado State University

410 17th St #2440, Denver

Colorado State University is currently providing PMP training in Denver with one of the most extensive and detailed courses that are available for interested candidates. This university has also been the center of attraction for many students due to its on-campus along with online classes that allow students to gain education while sitting at their homes. The great thing about CSU is that it is currently offering the project management program through its online facility as well so the project managers who are in the field right now can easily manage their studies with their work.

CSU is an accredited university and thus trusted by thousands of students every year for the accomplishment of their graduate, undergraduate and post graduate degrees along with certification programs. Financial aid is made available for students who qualify and are in need of help to continue their education. The university is not a new name and has instead been providing high quality education to its students for nearly 50 years now. Students looking for project management training in Denver should definitely give CSU a try for the quality of education, extensiveness of the project management course and the value of certificates and degrees provided by this university.

Project management certification in Denver is possible at many other institutes as well but CSU has a perfect program that lets all of its students get a detailed knowledge of project management and also fulfill the requirements to sit in the PMP exam conducted by PMI. The course is 18 weeks long in duration but the total number of hours required to complete the course are only 57 hours. These 57 hours are enough to meet the education hour requirement from Project Management Institute as well. The main content of the course is based on the PMBOK from PMI.


University Of Denver – University College

2211 S Josephine St, Denver, CO

When you have looked all around for project management classes in Denver, you might want to give a change to University of Denver as well. This place is a perfect place for individuals who are planning to succeed in the project management of IT related stuff. In fact, the entire program has been designed to prepare the IT professionals to manage the IT related projects and also obtain the PMP certification from PMI in order to have extra weight added to their CV to be selected easily in the market by companies.

University College from University of Denver is a unique place for PMP certification in Denver for individuals who are already serving the IT field and don’t have enough time to manage the regular classes. The university lets them study in the evening classes and if they are not okay with that, they can also go for online classes to make things easier for them. Students who study at Denver University are proud to be a part of it and carry powerful credentials for employers since the university has been around and providing education to students since 1864.

The great thing about going for PMP training in Denver from University College is that it is a registered education provider of PMI and the education provided to IT professionals on project management by this university is highly focused on preparing them to pass the PMP exam. The course that students have to study is completely based on and goes alongside the information that students will obtain from PMBOK which is the best resource to prepare for the project management professional examination. Students can also show a record of these contact hours to Project Management Institute as a prerequisite for the PMP examination.

Colorado Technical University

3151 S Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014

Colorado Technical University remains a great name when it comes to project management training in Denver. This university offers various courses to its students that are directed towards training them on project management skills. The best thing about this university is that not only does it offer its students the training on project management but it is also a registered education provider of Project Management Institute so the candidates who become project management professionals after passing their PMP examination can gain more education at the university and earn their PDUs to continue renewing their credential for PMP.

University like Colorado Technical University are fully aware of the fact that most of the people who are interested in project management certificate are currently employed and it is not easy for them to go to regular classes when for the entire week they are working in offices. For this the university has made it possible for these candidates to get education through either online or on-ground campus. Those who need training on project management certification in Denver through online facility can always join the university and prepare for the PMP examination and earn PDUs for renewing their certification.

The program being run by the university is fully approved and in line with PMBOK Guide, the registered and approved guide from PMI for students to prepare for the project management professional examination. Among all the project management classes in Denver, classes held by the REPs of Project Management Institute will always be considered the most helpful when it comes to passing the PMP examination. There are multiple locations of the university in addition to the Denver campus so students from other locations can also see if the university is present in their nearby location. This is an opportunity for all the aspiring project managers.

PMP Certification In Dallas

People who have been working in their fields enough to manage projects should know that Project Management Institute allows anyone to give the PMP exam and add extra bonus into the salary by being certified as the project management professional now. Even though these professionals who have been in the field for quite a few years know a lot about project management, but they can have a hard time in solving the multiple choice questions that are part of the examination. For this, any candidates who wish to get PMP certification in Dallas, here are some trustable institutes to go for preparation.

The Knowledge Academy

Corporate Office Centers North Dallas 15150 Preston Road Suite 300 Dallas Texas 75248

The Knowledge Academy is definitely a highly recommended place for PMP training in Dallas since it is an accredited institute and provides training for various types of certifications other than just PMP. It is also one of the institutes that are located through US and providing training to students on all the certifications with the highest standards accepted in the field today. Candidates who want to get the training on project management would be glad to know that this institute has been accredited by Project Management Institute to provide the training on project management to its students.

The tools and methods used by The Knowledge Academy are probably the most effective and useful tools in preparing the candidates for the exam. First, the students are able to get all the education through online means and that’s why the Knowledge Academy is considered one of the best for project management training in Dallas. They conduct multiple mock tests that are simulations of the actual PMP examination to test the students and also prepare them for the real environment and feel of the examination. Their online package also awards the candidates with 45 PDUs that are required to be reported to PMI after passing the exam.

The Knowledge Academy is one of the many registered education providers approved by Project Management Institute to train the candidates on the exam material. The cost is as low as only $995 to prepare for the exam but this does not include the cost of the exam. The institute guarantees the candidates on passing the exam and requires only 4 days of studies to prepare them for the examination. Candidates can obtain the project management certification in Dallas but they are ready to be in any part of the world and work as a certified project management professional.

University of Dallas

1845 E Northgate Dr, Irving, TX

Another university holding project management classes in Dallas is University of Dallas. This university has been providing students with education on business and business related areas for more than 50 years. The university was founded in 1956 and has been providing education to undergraduate and graduate students along with those who are seeking continued education. Being close to Dallas Forth Worth, University of Dallas remains a center of education for students from remote areas as well who arrive in Dallas and take a few minutes from the airport to reach the university.

The university is currently providing students with online education as well. Students can not only pursue a certificate in project management but they can also get project management degree from the university. Students who want to obtain PMP certification in Dallas can join the university since this is one of the very few universities providing certification in project management. University of Dallas is providing the graduate certificate in project management for candidates who are either already in the project management and have passed the PMP examination or want to attempt the PMP examination by preparing fully for all the questions.

The program offered by University of Dallas is not only applicable towards PMP exam but it gives enough knowledge to the students to go for CAPM certification as well. Those who have already completed the certification, either CAPM or PMP, can also take these classes. The classes taken after passing the PMP examination by the candidates will be considered as their PDUs and they can submit the record of their class hours to Project Management Institute so they can have their certificate renewed within the allotted 3-year cycle. So if you are a candidate who requires PMP training in Dallas, this is the place for you.

Crosswind Learning

1930 E Rosemeade Pkwy #106, Carrollton, TX 75007

Students interested in taking project management training in Dallas from a registered education provider should definitely look at Crosswind Learning. This is a unique place to learn about project management and prepare to pass the exam. The best thing about registered education providers of PMI is that they are always very sure of their success and their passing rates for the candidates are always higher than other institutes that are not registered providers of education. Furthermore, the tools used by these institutes are always very effective, unique and innovative in preparing students for the exam.

Crosswind Learning is all about project management and PMI’s certifications. It prepares students for all the certifications for whom the examinations are conducted and held by Project Management Institute. One of the unique aspects of preparing for the exam at Crosswind Learning is the online virtual classes. Furthermore, there are many booklets and books available from the institute that let students prepare for the exam on their own as well. Students who wish to make their project management certification in Dallas easy and convenient should definitely register with Crosswind Learning and pass the exam with guaranty.

One thing that students might want to know is that the institute is not exactly located in Dallas but within 20 minutes of drive it is accessible in Addison. The institute can train students within a week to pass the exam and these hours spent in studying the books and getting trained for the course are used by students to present as a prerequisite of 35-hour contact education on project management set by PMI. Precisely, it takes only 4 days for candidates to prepare for the exam so whoever is looking for project management classes in Dallas, Crosswind Learning has to be the next stop.

PMP Certification In Chicago

Individuals who have realized the importance of project management professional certification and its great role in their professions are going for the certification in great numbers today. In the past, project management was not as specifically defined a profession as it is today and a certified project manager is definitely the first choice of any company when it picks candidates for interviews from the market and internet. There are some great places for PMP certification in Chicago for project managers to start their certification journey from. Some offer long courses and some shorter ones. Here are some major institutes in Chicago for PMP exam prep.

Northwestern University – School of Continuing Studies

Wieboldt Hall, E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Northwestern University is offering PMP training in Chicago through its School of Continuing Studies and thousands of candidates have already benefitted from this program. Northwestern University also remains as one of the most reliable places for candidates in Chicago to get their project management education since the institute has been providing education to students on various fields for more than 75 years now. Students can complete certifications, undergraduate, post graduate and graduate degrees from the university as well. The university has multiple campuses allowing more destinations for studies to dwellers of Illinois.

Many of the degrees and program offered at the university are now being offered through the online facility. These programs include the master’s degrees and certificates for students. The School of Continuing Studies is currently offering two different courses for the aspiring project managers. Both of the programs are very fast paced and can be completed within 2 months at maximum. Individuals who want to obtain extensive but quick project management training in Chicago have these 2 options to choose from. The hours spent will also earn the students their contact hours required by PMI before sitting in the examination.

There is a small 24-hour course but this particular course is meant for individuals who want to gain some basic knowledge of project management to step into the career first. However, there is a 35-hour course that fulfills the requirement of 35 education hours from PMI and is particular meant for individuals who have already spent some time doing project management and are now interested to have their salaries and demand in the market increased by passing the PMP examination. Northwestern University without a doubt is a great place for project managers to start their journey for project management certification in Chicago.


PMPerfect From SSI Logic

SSI Logic, 340 S LEMON AVE # 9038, Walnut, CA 91789

Run by SSI Logic, PMPerfect is the best place for students who want to take the training on project management through online means. This means they can acquire education without compromising on their work schedules and giving too much time in two different places which can always be very exhausting. Project management classes in Chicago are offered by many other institutes but not many of them guarantee their results and furthermore, not all of them are providing education to a worldwide audience as PMPerfect is at the moment.

PMPerfect also takes pride in using the latest technology in providing education to its students who are acquiring education not only from the US but from Canada, Australia and many other countries of the world. They are currently providing access to the students to the material they have created for the preparation of PMP examination. The material includes the PMBOK guide, other stuff based on this guide, quizzes and simulated tests and exams for students to get familiarized with the real PMP examination. Those who are interested in PMP certification in Chicago or any part of the world and are easy with online content should definitely become a part of PMPerfect.

The institute is currently backing its claims up with a 97% passing rate for its students. The online classes are taught by professionals of the field and even though the classes are online the students are still given more options of class timings. Students can take the classes on regular days, weekends or in the evening time. If you are an individual working in the office and you think you can make a better income by being certified as a project management professional, and you are located in some remote area of Chicago, this is the best place for you to get PMP training in Chicago.

DePaul University

1 E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

All those people who want to obtain project management training in Chicago and want to make sure that they pass the PMP examination in the first attempt should definitely choose a registered education provider. One of the many registered education providers of PMI is DePaul University assisting individuals who want to be project managers in the future, professionals who are currently working as project managers but want to more knowledge and corporation that are interested in training their employees on project management tools, methods, strategies and skills.

DePaul University is unique in its approach that it can conduct on-site classes for corporate bodies if they have many people who they want to have knowledge of project management. Furthermore, the options for candidates who want to be certified as project management professionals the options are not limited. They can go for on-campus training or take classes from their homes through the online facility of the university. DePaul University has already served thousands of students and many companies with project management knowledge and it is the right place for all aspiring project managers to get project management certification in Chicago.

Another good news for you if you are also looking to get project management classes in Chicago is that the education provided by the university is fully focused on preparing the students to pass the examination. The program is completely based on the knowledge and content obtained from PMBOK so students can make use of the most useful resource to prepare for the project management professional examination. Since students need to get 35 hours of education on project management skill as one of the 2 main requirements of sitting in PMP examination, they are also acquired when students complete this course.

PMP Certification In Boston

If you have been aspiring to become a project manager and earn higher salary at the end of the year by standing out as a certified project management professional, you might want to start off by finding the best place for PMP certification in Boston. A lot of professionals might think that their current experience is enough to give the PMP examination but it is highly recommended that they get some course prior to giving the exam. The multiple choice questions can be very specific and the passing method used by PMI is not a conventional method of passing the person with most correct answers.

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA 02125

First place you would want to look at when you want to get PMP training in Boston is the University of Massachusetts Boston. This is an accredited institution and has been providing education in different fields in addition to business and project management. This is the university where students from all over the world are coming every year to complete their studies and find jobs in their favorite fields. At Boston the university is currently serving students with 174 programs so students have a huge range of programs to choose from when they come here.

Whether you need certificate, graduate degree, post-graduate degree, diploma or an undergraduate degree, this is the place where you should be. From education, business and accounting to healthcare and nursing, University of Massachusetts Boston is covering all those areas of education. Students can always study at the university with financial aid to make their dreams come true without stopping due to financial limitations and restraints. The project management training in Boston from this particular university is highly recommended due to the extensiveness of the program and its great help in passing the PMP exam held by the PMI.

The primary book used for preparing the students at the university, for project management professional examination, is PMBOK guide from PMI. Not only are students able to complete this course by going to the classes but they can also get education online. Fees for visiting the campus and taking classes is more affordable than the online classes but the course material remains the same. Students who wish to get their project management certification in Boston by studying at University of Massachusetts Boston will also be awarded the contact hours that are needed in order to qualify for the PMP exam.

EdWel Programs

5 Wheeler Road Burlington, MA 01803

If you don’t have time to go for long programs that last for months and years before you are fully prepared to sit for the PMP examination, EdWell Programs is the right stop for you. They are offering project management classes in Boston and many other cities within Massachusetts so students have a great choice of picking up a campus that is near to them. The program starts at different times at different campuses and the information of the program’s commencement date can be picked from the website of the institute. EdWell Programs is also one of the most affordable options for Boston students and candidates.

Another great thing about EdWel is the availability of the program in both formats, on-ground and online. Candidates who don’t have enough time to visit the classes every day can always take the online classes and complete the course in just 5 days to prepare for the PMP examination. There is a 96% first time passing rate that EdWel has been proud of with its online program as well. Any project manager who thinks he/she needs more knowledge of project management to manage the projects well should definitely go for PMP certification in Boston from EdWel.

All the training given to the candidates is based on the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide. The institute has been successfully helping the candidates in passing the examination for more than 20 years now. EdWel is a registered education provider as well and every hour you spend while attending the online or on-campus classes for the course are added into your education contact hours so you can present them to the PMI for sitting in the PMP examination. Some great helping material is also available for free on the EdWel website providing free PMP training in Boston and to students from around the world.


41 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

SimpliLearn is another institute that has been training students not only in Boston but from all around the world to be a part of this lucrative profession of project management. Candidates who are foreseeing the chances of them becoming the project managers in the near future should definitely apply for these courses and add more weight to their curriculum vitae. SimpliLearn is a REP (Registered Education Provider) approved by Project Management Institute to train the candidates for PMP examination. Students aiming at project management training in Boston can attend on-campus classes or get education online.

For project management certification in Boston, SimpliLearn has made things easier for candidates with its 2 different courses. The cost of both the courses is different but they can both greatly help the students in preparing for the examination and multiple choice questions that will appear in the paper. The different courses offered by SimpliLearn are of different durations with one ending in just 2 and the other in 4 days. Both the courses are focused at providing material that is fully based on the PMBOK Guide and candidates are also provided the hard copy of their course.

As with most of the registered education providers, SimpliLearn also award students with PDUs when they are done with the course. Whether you choose the classroom format or online format, you will be given the simulated tests that are the most helpful tools in preparing students for the examination. However, students who go for the online course are provided access to the online material only for a limited period of time. This is also one of the most affordable and economical method of preparing for PMP examination. If you are a project manager to-be, these are the best project management classes in Boston.

PMP Certification In Tampa

Since project management certification has been realized as an important part of project management profession, companies have been looking specifically for individuals who have received the PMP certification from PMI in the market. This has led to the increasing value of PMP certification and an ever-increasing number of individuals from all around the world who are sitting in the PMP exam every year. Candidates who are looking to get PMP certification in Tampa have many universities, colleges and independent institutes, many of which are registered education providers, from where they can obtain the necessary education to pass the exam. Here are some of the best options.

University of South Florida

4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa

Undoubtedly, individuals who have busy schedules at offices and can’t take long courses would find University of South Florida as the best option for PMP training in Tampa. The university has arranged a set of courses that can help these individuals in not only passing the PMP exam but also gain detailed knowledge of project management so they can outperform their competitors and contenders in the offices. USF is currently preparing students for project management professional exam and some other certificates that are awarded by PMI to individuals from around the world.

University of South Florida is a great place for teenage students to people who want to get education in later years of their lives. People of ages above 50-year can also join the university and take part in any of the programs offered by the university. For project management training in Tampa, USF has multiple programs listed under its continuing education section on the website. The program is once again based on the PMBOK Guide that is always considered the best source for students to prepare for the PMP exam all around the world.

It is a certificate program but the students must not forget that the certification can only be provided by the Project Management Institute once they have passed the PMP exam within the 3 allotted attempts in a year. Students who don’t have the complete education hours to meet the prerequisite of PMI will receive those hours included in their credentials as well. Students who are aiming at project management certification in Tampa and want to do it fast should definitely join the program from University of South Florida. Students interested in joining the university must not forget that they have the option to study online as well.


601 South Dale MabryTampa, FL, USA, 33609


ProXalt is an institute providing education specifically on project management in various cities of the US. The institute is known for providing the quickest training of all when it comes to project management and maintaining a high passing rate. Students can join the exam preparation program from the institute and prepare to sit in the examination within a week. The best thing about attending project management classes in Tampa from ProXalt is that students can do everything online so they don’t have to feel bound to certain class schedule and compromise on their busy office hours.

There are several courses being offered by the institute but they are all majorly aimed at equipping students with a crash course that lets them pass the examination without long spans of education as is the case with degrees obtained from universities by project management aspirants. They have a 35-hour program that has been designed specifically for individuals who are already project managers but want to obtain the certification to have some increment in their salaries. Thousands of students who already chosen ProXalt for PMP certification in Tampa and the passing rate of 90% is a living proof of the success of this institute.

There are different courses that the institute is currently offering but no course in the list takes more than a week to prepare candidates for the PMP exam. ProXalt is the registered education provider and thus the education hours that students spend here are applicable towards their prerequisites for the exam as well and they can also use these hours for their PDUs once they have obtained the certification from PMI after passing the exam. If you are a project management professional and need to get PMP training in Tampa, ProXalt is one of the best destinations.

The Knowledge Academy

No matter in which state you are located, if you want to be a part of a course on project management, you can search for The Knowledge Academy and you will find it nearby. For project management training in Tampa that you can trust and also refer your aspirant friends to is from The Knowledge Academy. This academy is already providing the courses in hundreds of places in the US and also guarantees its students that they will pass the exam. You will rarely find any other place that gives a 100% guaranty for passing rate of its students.

The training is available not only in Tampa but in various other parts of the world from The Knowledge Academy. You will find hundreds and thousands of others registered education providers of PMI but if you are looking for the number one place for getting project management training, this is the place for you. The Knowledge Academy is the best place for project management certification in Tampa for corporations who have groups of people who need training and want to obtain the training on-site. There are a dozen other certifications that this academy is currently providing worldwide training on.

The best thing about project management classes in Tampa obtained from The Knowledge Academy is that they contribute to the contact hours and PDUs of the candidates who can then present these hours to the PMI as a prerequisite to sit in the exam or as PDUs to renew the certification. There are simulation exams that train all the candidates in a challenging environment that looks just like the real test from PMI. Within less than a week of project management classes in Tamps from The Knowledge Academy, you can pass the PMP exam and have that additional chunk added to your annual salary as a project manager.

PMP Certification In Seattle

Project management has now been realized by the individuals and companies as an integral part of success in today’s tough environment. Companies hire certified project managers to reduce the risk of failing projects to minimum while individuals obtain certifications for project management not only to learn the framework of it but to increase their chances of getting hired by the best companies. Since the demand for project managers has gone up everywhere in the world, students are emerging from all parts of the world to acquire this education. If you have been looking for help regarding PMP certification in Seattle, here are some recommended places for you.

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

University of Washington is a great destination for students to gain PMP training in Seattle. The university is currently helping students not only with certifications but also with degrees. There are more than 130 certificate programs that students can choose from and in addition to that they have a wide choice of 70 degrees to choose from. Students can not only get graduate degrees but can also pursue master’s degrees. The university has multiple campuses so the students can choose the campus that is closest to their homes to make education easier for them.

For those who are located far away University of Washington has opened its doors for education through the online campus. Students can now sit in their homes and bedrooms and gain the most required education all with a computer and internet connection. University of Washington makes it easy to obtain project management training in Seattle by offering not only regular and online classes but also giving students the option to take evening and weekend classes. All the programs as a whole cover a wide range of fields from arts, information technology, engineering to business, science, math and healthcare and medicine.

The main purpose of the project management certification at University of Washington is to prepare the students for the complexities and detailed framework of project management. It is also meant to provide them the required hours of education that serve the fulfillment of the prerequisite for PMI’s PMP exam. The program is most suitable for individuals who have already been in project management field or have just started to manage the project and need knowledge of how to do it. Students are flexible to go to classrooms to get the required education or they can also choose to study online.

City University Of Seattle

521 Wall Street Suite 100. Seattle, WA 98121

Any student who is looking for project management certification in Seattle would be glad to know about City University of Seattle. This university is special and stands out among many others in the entire country when it comes to project management training and education. The university provides education not only to the residents and students of US but from all over the world. It has its branches located in many countries including but not limited to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Romania, Vietnam etc. Whatever season of the year it is, candidates will find a window open for them to take part in the program.

The best thing for the students of Seattle is that they have enough campuses of the university located in the vicinities of Seattle if they don’t find space at the campus located in Seattle. However, it is hard to not find project management classes in Seattle when City University is taking students in throughout the year i.e. the enrollments are taking place in spring, fall, summer and winter. This university creates opportunities for students belonging to various fields including education, arts, sciences, medicine and information technology.

City University of Seattle can easily be considered as one of the best places in Seattle to go for project management education since it is the global REP i.e. registered education provider of PMI. Whatever education is acquired here is greatly helpful for all individuals in giving the PMI exam of PMP. The best individuals for this program are those who have stepped into project management and want to know more and pass the PMI’s PMP exam as well. The hours spent while studying the course at City University of Seattle are applied towards the prerequisite of PMI as well. Any candidates pursuing project management certification in Seattle must try City University of Seattle for sure.

Bellevue College

3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue

Another destination that greatly serves the candidates who wish to attend project management classes in Seattle is Bellevue College. Even though the campus of the college is not exactly located in Seattle but it’s not more than 20 minutes away for students living in Seattle to reach the college and gain project management education at its best. The college is known for having some of the best facilities for students when it comes to education, from art rooms to studio that conducts yoga and martial arts classes.

Students related to various fields can come to Bellevue College and expect to get the best of education. The college is currently serving students from the fields of business, information technology, healthcare, language and arts and designing. The project management program at Bellevue College is perfect for any individual who wants thorough and detailed PMP training in Seattle. The course continues to educate students with the latest standards being followed by project managers along with the best resource for preparing for the PMP exam, the PMBOK guide. Bellevue is also privileged to be a registered education provider of Project Management Institute.

It takes a total of 156 hours to complete all the courses included in the program, electives and compulsory ones. The classes are conveniently held as per the pace of the students but you can complete the course within a year easily and go for PMP exam by registering at the PMI website. The hours that student spend studying in the classes not only helpful for them in learning project management but these hours are applied towards their prerequisites for the professional project management exam held by Project Management Institute. For a reliable PMP certification in Seattle, Bellevue College is a highly recommended place.

PMP Certification In San Diego

Unlike many other certifications and courses, project management education is easier for individuals since there are many institutes providing training for project management and many of them providing online training too. To get PMP certification in San Diego individuals can either go for institutes that are providing the training as independent entities or those that are approved by PMI as registered education providers. In most cases, the registered education providers have a better program to prepare students for the exam. Here are some of the best schools, universities and institutes for candidates from San Diego to get their PMP education.

The Knowledge Academy

Koll Ctr 501 W Broadway ,Ste 800 San Diego, CA 92101

The Knowledge Academy is widespread and before you even look for any other institute in your area for PMP education, look for The Knowledge Academy. The Knowledge Academy is a great place to take your PMP training in San Diego and many other parts of the US. They are registered with PMI to provide this training and are called the REP. They are fully accredited and approved to provide the trainings they are currently giving to the candidates. Besides PMP training, they are also training students and candidates on Scrum, Lean Six Sigma, TOGAF, MSP and many other types of certifications.

If you are one of the students who wish to get project management training in San Diego affordably, this is the right place for you. The passing rate of their students is extremely high and they take no more than 4 days to prepare all the candidates to pass the PMP exam without reading too much material that is not relevant to the paper. At the same time, the 35 hours of education required in project management by Project Management Institute as a prerequisite to PMP examination is also fulfilled with this particular course.

Why project management certification in San Diego is highly recommended from The Knowledge Academy is also for the reason that they have online resources available to train their students. Students are also made to take 5 simulated exams that are just like the real PMP exam to give them a clear idea of what the examination would be like. Many of the questions that are in the examination are covered with this mock test conducted by the academy. The hours spent studying here could also be applied towards the PDUs that are required by all certified project management professionals to maintain their certification.

University Of San Diego

5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego

Another perfect fit for anyone who wants project management classes in San Diego and pass the PMP exam without spending too much time in finding out what to study is University of San Diego. University of San Diego is also known for offering some of the most affordable programs regardless of the field they are related to. They intentionally keep their class size small to make sure that all the students are getting the same level of attention in the classes.

They have categorized their programs as business programs, community programs, engineering programs, educators programs, English language programs, health related programs and youth programs. The university is also accredited to so students can always be proud to study from here and show their credentials to the companies with confidence. They also have online learning facilities for students who are not comfortable with regular class timings due to their busy schedules at work or who cannot attend these classes for other reasons. The good news for students is that they can go for online learning at a fixed-date format or self paced format. University of San Diego is definitely a top place for PMP certification in San Diego.

The good thing about PMP program at the university is that it is focused on providing education that is not only rich in material on project management but also focused on preparing the students for project management professional examination held by Project Management Institute. A good part of their course and studies is what you will also find in the PMBOK Guide from PMI. As students study at University of San Diego for their project management certification, they are also meeting the requirements of 35 contact hours of education for PMI’s PMP examination. If you have been looking for PMP training in San Diego, don’t miss University of San Diego.

PMStudy – Powered By PMEdu

PMStudy is the best place to get online training on project management. Anyone aiming at project management training in San Diego or any other part of the country can rely on PMStudy for PMP preparation. This is probably one of the best places for easiest methods of preparing for the PMP examination. PMStudy is powered by VMEdu which is a registered education provider for training on project management. The good thing about the institute is that candidates are free to choose the format of their learning. They can go for online classes as well as campus based classes in San Diego.

Another thing that makes PMStudy a top recommended site for project management certification in San Diego and in fact any other part of the world is its global recognition. The program designed by PMStudy is specifically for those who are already employed and professionally working as project managers, and cannot manage the time to be in the classes with their busy work schedules. If you are visiting a campus in San Diego, you will not be spending more than 4 days to complete the course and be ready to give the PMP examination.

The 35 hours education prerequisite from PMI is also met when you complete the course and the simulated exams make it easy for students to familiarize them with the pattern and format of the examination. They are given around 800 questions that prepare them to answer most of the questions that might appear in the PMP examination. Candidates who are studying in the classrooms and not online are also offered complimentary services such as coffee and drinks in the classrooms. For professional and executive type project management classes in San Diego, visit PMStudy for sure.