PMP Certification In Seattle

Project management has now been realized by the individuals and companies as an integral part of success in today’s tough environment. Companies hire certified project managers to reduce the risk of failing projects to minimum while individuals obtain certifications for project management not only to learn the framework of it but to increase their chances of getting hired by the best companies. Since the demand for project managers has gone up everywhere in the world, students are emerging from all parts of the world to acquire this education. If you have been looking for help regarding PMP certification in Seattle, here are some recommended places for you.

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

University of Washington is a great destination for students to gain PMP training in Seattle. The university is currently helping students not only with certifications but also with degrees. There are more than 130 certificate programs that students can choose from and in addition to that they have a wide choice of 70 degrees to choose from. Students can not only get graduate degrees but can also pursue master’s degrees. The university has multiple campuses so the students can choose the campus that is closest to their homes to make education easier for them.

For those who are located far away University of Washington has opened its doors for education through the online campus. Students can now sit in their homes and bedrooms and gain the most required education all with a computer and internet connection. University of Washington makes it easy to obtain project management training in Seattle by offering not only regular and online classes but also giving students the option to take evening and weekend classes. All the programs as a whole cover a wide range of fields from arts, information technology, engineering to business, science, math and healthcare and medicine.

The main purpose of the project management certification at University of Washington is to prepare the students for the complexities and detailed framework of project management. It is also meant to provide them the required hours of education that serve the fulfillment of the prerequisite for PMI’s PMP exam. The program is most suitable for individuals who have already been in project management field or have just started to manage the project and need knowledge of how to do it. Students are flexible to go to classrooms to get the required education or they can also choose to study online.

City University Of Seattle

521 Wall Street Suite 100. Seattle, WA 98121

Any student who is looking for project management certification in Seattle would be glad to know about City University of Seattle. This university is special and stands out among many others in the entire country when it comes to project management training and education. The university provides education not only to the residents and students of US but from all over the world. It has its branches located in many countries including but not limited to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Romania, Vietnam etc. Whatever season of the year it is, candidates will find a window open for them to take part in the program.

The best thing for the students of Seattle is that they have enough campuses of the university located in the vicinities of Seattle if they don’t find space at the campus located in Seattle. However, it is hard to not find project management classes in Seattle when City University is taking students in throughout the year i.e. the enrollments are taking place in spring, fall, summer and winter. This university creates opportunities for students belonging to various fields including education, arts, sciences, medicine and information technology.

City University of Seattle can easily be considered as one of the best places in Seattle to go for project management education since it is the global REP i.e. registered education provider of PMI. Whatever education is acquired here is greatly helpful for all individuals in giving the PMI exam of PMP. The best individuals for this program are those who have stepped into project management and want to know more and pass the PMI’s PMP exam as well. The hours spent while studying the course at City University of Seattle are applied towards the prerequisite of PMI as well. Any candidates pursuing project management certification in Seattle must try City University of Seattle for sure.

Bellevue College

3000 Landerholm Cir SE, Bellevue

Another destination that greatly serves the candidates who wish to attend project management classes in Seattle is Bellevue College. Even though the campus of the college is not exactly located in Seattle but it’s not more than 20 minutes away for students living in Seattle to reach the college and gain project management education at its best. The college is known for having some of the best facilities for students when it comes to education, from art rooms to studio that conducts yoga and martial arts classes.

Students related to various fields can come to Bellevue College and expect to get the best of education. The college is currently serving students from the fields of business, information technology, healthcare, language and arts and designing. The project management program at Bellevue College is perfect for any individual who wants thorough and detailed PMP training in Seattle. The course continues to educate students with the latest standards being followed by project managers along with the best resource for preparing for the PMP exam, the PMBOK guide. Bellevue is also privileged to be a registered education provider of Project Management Institute.

It takes a total of 156 hours to complete all the courses included in the program, electives and compulsory ones. The classes are conveniently held as per the pace of the students but you can complete the course within a year easily and go for PMP exam by registering at the PMI website. The hours that student spend studying in the classes not only helpful for them in learning project management but these hours are applied towards their prerequisites for the professional project management exam held by Project Management Institute. For a reliable PMP certification in Seattle, Bellevue College is a highly recommended place.